December 1, 2008

Under Armour Basketball?

There's a new trend in NCAA college basketball uniforms this year. And I'm not a big fan.

Skin tight undershirts.

With the prevalence of Under Armour clothing worn by collegiate athletes, this is not a surprise. But the look on the basketball court is not good. It reminds me of a grade school player who forgot his "regular" shirt to wear underneath his uniform so he had to put on his dress undershirt.

The phenomena is not limited to short sleeved shirts.

Ug. I blame Reggie Miller for that look. Let's hope the extra sweat created by wearing long sleeves is wicked away by the magic microfibers. (And, yes, I'm aware Oklahoma is a Nike school and Crocker is most likely wearing a Dri-FIT shirt).

Sidebar: While we are on NCAA Basketball fashion, can we get rid of the headbands (I'm looking at you Tennessee)?

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